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Color customizable

Stainless steel composite board and brushed aluminum-plastic board with its flat surface, easy installation, retain the visual effect of pure board and other advantages, in the field of industrial new materials have great potential, such as elevator car, TV backplane, high-speed rail interior, smart trash can and so on.

The metal composite board is used in the elevator car board, and its advantages are as follows:

1, to achieve the color of the board is completely personalized, the traditional drawing, mirror of the two monotonous varieties to expand to infinite personalized board color and variety.

2, the use of efficient standard parts, prefabricated flat plate installation mode, cancel the traditional backward factory bending pre-installation process, production efficiency is greatly improved.

3, especially on the high-end elevator that replaces the honeycomb panel, the cost can be reduced by 30-40%.

4, the product has been successfully applied to the high-speed elevator car of Switzerland Xunda, the market expectations are good!