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Fabricated metal lamination board is a new type of decorative material, metal plate substrate and imported environmental protection film hot pressing, combined with the matching keel to form an assembled system, scratch and stain resistant, moisture-proof and fire-proof, environmental protection and beautiful.

Fabricated metal cladding board is used in interior wall decoration, and its advantages are as follows:

1, fabricated metal laminable board is based on the domestic market 95% of the interior wall decorative board is not fire pain points and the development of a new generation of fireproof metal composite board, in line with GB/ T17748-2016 national mandatory fire standards, while the product has good waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-mildew function.

2, completely changed the traditional construction method, the use of aluminum alloy keel, card slot assembly installation, cutting, grooving to achieve factory production, truly realize the assembly type of on-site installation, greatly shorten the construction time and reduce building decoration waste.

3, the product can not only be used in a large number of public clothing, the future can also replace the wall panel application in the home improvement, the market is very optimistic expectations!