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The foam body board adopts the most advanced physical nitrogen foam technology, which has the characteristics of extremely light weight, high strength, heat insulation, convenient installation, environmental protection and pollution-free, etc. It has broad development space in the field of van, cold chain distribution vehicle, light container and so on.

Foamed steel plastic board used in the box car (express truck, cold chain car, light container), its advantages are as follows:

1, the traditional box car is welded with traditional corrugated steel, and after pickling, cleaning, drying, spraying, drying and then formed. Requires a large number of welders, acid washing liquid, waste paint, drying volatile solvent treatment, high cost, low efficiency.

2, the use of foamed steel plastic plate to replace the traditional corrugated steel used in express trucks, cold chain trucks, light containers, while using the assembly installation method, the efficiency is increased by 5-10 times; All the processes of pickling, cleaning, drying, spraying and re-drying are cancelled, and the production process is environmentally friendly and the cost is reduced. There is a box weight reduction of more than 20%, in line with the requirements of automotive lightweight, the box volume is also increased.

3, at present, there is only one manufacturer of this foamed steel plastic board in the world (Taiwan Senju), which is basically sold to the US market, with sales of nearly 2 billion yuan last year. In China, our company is the first manufacturer to develop this product, and has the invention patent, the market is expected to be!