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Zhejiang Kangzhan new materials Co.,Ltd.,established in August 2012,is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development,production and sales of metal composite new materials.The company is located in Tiantai County,Taizhou City, adjacent to Ningbo port and Shanghai port, with 20000 square meters of standardized plant, superior geographical environment and convenient transportation.
Our company produces "Kangzhan new materials"and "MCBOND"brand new metal composite materials. We independently research and develop and produce various curtain wall materials, advertising board, new industrial materials, fabricated film composite panel, and roll coated aluminium solid panel. We obtained two patents for invention of metal composite panel foamed truck body panel, and a number of patent for utility models.Our company not only passed the CTC quality certification of national building materials testing center, but also passed CE , EU, SGS of Switzerland, PSB of Singapore, NATA of Australia and other product testing. After years of development, our company has aluminium composite panel production line and high-speed co-extrusion metal composite panel production line, with the significant advantages such as high stability, high automation, high efficiency, high fire resistance, energy-saving and strong adaptability to kinds of metal materials. We produce 3.5 million square meters of various metal composite panels annually.


Core values:

Integrity, innovation, perfection, win-win

We treat customers in good faith, treat society in good faith, treat colleagues in good faith, always walk in the path of creating newer and better products and services, almost, as far as possible to seek the perfection of products and services, create the largest product transfer value, and achieve a two-way win-win situation between enterprises and customers.

"Integrity, innovation, perfection and win-win" is the value of the company and the goal of our joint efforts.


Enterprise positioning:

Corporate vision:

Enterprise mission:

Committed to improving comprehensive building materials and industrial new materials

Research and development, production and service capabilities

Continuous innovation to enhance global market competitiveness,

Start a new journey to build a world-class industry in line with new materials

Provide a platform for employees and create value for customers

Contribute to the circular economy of society


Business philosophy:Management concept:Talent concept:Service concept:

Honesty, innovation and

win-win service

Find ways to solve problems

Don't make excuses to

avoid problems

Be eclectic and make the

most of your talents

Customer satisfaction is

the eternal pursuit