The Curtain Wall Aluminium Composite Panel is widely used as a new kind of building materials, and gradually replacing the glass and stone curtain wall aluminium composite panel and other conventional outside decorative materials. Especially imitated stone curtain wall aluminium composite panel can be used with the low-level really stone curtain wall that under the twenty meters.  It not only reduces the weight that the total building load and makes sure the safety, but also has the low cost and convenience in keeping. So It is widely respected by the designers.

Curtain Wall Aluminium Composite Panel is usually compounded by about 0.5mm aluminum alloy and 3mm high pressure low density polyethylene, with blending the advantages of all kinds of composite materials. The physical and chemical properties are better than the aluminum panel.


1. high rigidity, light weight, high strength, outstanding corrosion

resistance, the PVDF paint can be up to 25 years that the color won’t

fade out .

2. Good technique, Convenient installation, can be manufactured to some

kinds of complicated geometry shapes, like plane, camber, spherical


3. hard to pollute, Convenient to clean and maintain. PVDF membrane’s

non adhesiveness, difficult to adhere pollutants, and best clean


4. due to reuse, it is good for protect environment from pollution.

Aluminium panel can 100% reuse and have higher return value.