The mainly difference between Fire-resistance ACP and ordinary ACP is plastic cores. With advanced production and craft to manufacturing composite materials, Fire-resistance ACP takes superior Aluminum Alloy coating plate as its face plate, low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant polythene as plastic core. Besides the characteristics of ordinary ACP, it also has excellent fire performance, achieving to B1, less smoke, without harmful gas. It is a kind of environmental friendly building materials.

Aluminum composite panel fire safety performance level is divided by GB8624-1997 (Building Materials Property Stage Division). Fire prevention code of high civil buildings in our countries demands the grade of fire ACP to B1 or A2.

Our company’s Fire-resistance ACP is a bright spot in the series of Metal Composite Panel. Technology and production capacity is completely ahead of the entire composite board industry with three advantages. First, it has excellent fire performance, achieving to EN13501-1-Class BASTM E84-Class A-Core ExposedNFPA285 Meet The RequirementsAustralia NATA-AS/NZS3837:1998Singapore TUV-PSB. Second, daily output of 12000 square meters, annual output of 3.5 million square meters, width of 2 meters, the thickness of 2-12mm. Third, peer-off strength can reach to 9-12N/mm, higher than the industry average, to 50%.