Advertising Aluminium composite panel professional used to print digital UV panel, with the characteristics of smooth surface, more clear print and good ink adsorptivity. This Aluminium composite panel is push out the high-grade digital print by our company. And it is a new kind of advertising materials.

Adornment Aluminum composite panel is usually used in interior decoration. The thickness is 0.12mm or above. It is lighter and stronger than the Curtain Wall Aluminum Composite Panel. The color of coating surface is bright and showing the trend of diversified development, so as to fit the adornment of different places such as houses, work place, hotel, etc.

■   Product Features

Aluminium alloy: 3000 series of Aluminium alloy.

Coating: Digital print special finish coat.

Plastic cores: High pressure low density polyethylene.

Lamination: Special digital printed lamination.

■  Product Specification

Thickness of plate: 2-6mm, recommended 2mm, 3mm, 4mm.

Width of plate: 1000-2000mm, recommended 1220mm,1250mm, 1500mm, 2000m.

Length of plate: Because of transportation, the longest length up to 5800mm, recommended 2440mm, 3050mm, 4050mm.

■  Processing installation way

Surface treatmentlamination, screen print, flat digital print, processing temperature range: 30 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius.

Processing method: saw cutting, match plane, digital trimming modelling, drilling, rolling, slot ruffled.

Installation method: bond, tight connection, using aluminium riveting or screwing connection.

Lamination: Special digital printed lamination.